We power the incredibility of things

By 2020, experts say, some 50 billion devices will be connected to networks. The world’s Internet of Things (IoT) is forging fresh business opportunities, bring exciting new products to market, and introducing advancements that benefit our society as a whole.

Toshiba is a leader in this new era of possibilities.

Our expertise. Your boundless IoT potential.

With extensive experience in the fields of energy, water treatment, social infrastructure, healthcare, distribution and manufacturing, Toshiba understands the complex relationship between devices, services and big data.

Backed by over a century of innovation, we’ve developed a full range of components—databases, sensors, gateways, agents and more—which now power many successful IoT projects.

What’s more, we offer the global presence plus world-class technology and expertise to help you realize the full potential of your next IoT project.